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Creating and maintaining content

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Text in articles

It is easy for you to create your own articles and then maintain them. We build an editor into your website that is a bit like MS Word but simpler! You can set a number of parameters such as the date an article will automatically appear or disappear. Websitecraft will train your nominated users to carry out this work.


Still images, video, sound clips and other media can be incorporated into articles or presented on specialised players positioned within the text but stored separate from the text. Mixing text and media calls for some page design work which Websitecraft will take on subject to guidance from you.

Media will need to be prepared. For example, videos will probably need to be converted into the right format (file type) for the website and photos will have to be re-sized and published at the correct resolution. They may need more serious editing. Again, Websitecraft can do this work subject to your direction.

Media have to be loaded to the website server and configured so they appear correctly.

Preparing, loading and configuring media is quite technical and harder than plain text. Websitecraft will train you to do these activities if you wish but expects to have to work with you in partnership.

Menus and modules

As your website grows you can expect to need new menus and extra items on existing menus. You may want to display information other than articles in special areas of some pages. Assuming no new software is needed, Websitecraft will quickly make the necessary configuration changes.

Content management guide

Content-management-guide-contentAssuming your staff have a role in maintaining content for your website they will need a reference guide on the functions provided to do this. Websitecraft will normally put this guide online within your website for convenience. Of course, this guide is complementary to training rather than an alternative.

The guide will be specific to your website covering the software tools used and incorporating examples from your site. However, parts of the guide will be common to other clients of Websitecraft and Websitecraft retains copyright.

To the right you can see the contents menu from the guide on the Devonshire Primary website.


Websitecraft will archive or remove content no longer required according to your standards.

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Graphic representing content

You directly control content

A content management system puts you in the driving seat.