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Graphics design

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Graphics bring websites to life.  We are not just talking about images embedded in the content but also the decoration and elements that create the page layout. Templates have graphics elements built-in but Websitecraft can change them, usually to adapt page appearance to your preferred branding.

Page headers are particularly important.  Here you may want to use a large drawing, image or photo montage.  You may have something suitable already or images that could be adapted. If not, Websitecraft will try to be creative.

We may have to create or adapt a company logo, invent strap-lines and other attention grabbing features. Keep in mind that hyperlinks can be graphics to, either icons or larger.  If we need text in a non-standard font, one way forward is to create a graphic to represent the required word or phrase.

Websitecraft may sub-contract large graphics design tasks.

CAD drawn city scape

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