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Websitecraft will make suggestions for enhancements to your website and respond to any suggestions you may have.  Websitecraft maintains a list of suggestions in the Management Plan with your priorities and timescales.  Before you approve an enhancement you will need Websitecraft to check its feasibility and quote a price.  The process for this and the subsequent design and development is the same as for the original website as explained under APPROACH in the Services page.  For each enhancement, Websitecraft will tell you whether a contract change is required (very small enhancements may be made free of charge and without a contract change).

We employ configuration management techniques to ensure the live site is not compromised by enhancements, namely: separation of development, test and live environments on the server; adequate testing and carefully planned release management.

Websitecraft will manage enhancements as projects, keep you informed and ask for your approvals at relevant stages.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 July 2010 20:39 )