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Legal advice

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Websitecraft can provide legal help. We will look out for obvious liabilities arising from your content and point these out. For example, if you collect personal information you must comply with the requirements of the UK's Data Protection Act or your local equivalent. If you engage in direct marketing there are several opt-out and opt-in options you must offer your website visitors and you should be aware of the various preference services. If you reproduce third party content you will need to acquire the rights and there are libel and other areas of the law to consider.

We will suggest ways to avoid such problems but ultimately the content is yours and you must take responsibility for it.

Are you confident about the legal and privacy notices you should post on your website?  This is an area in which Websitecraft can advise.

Beyond your website, your business may need legal advice services from time to time.  Websitecraft's director, Felicity Alexander is qualified to do commercial law work including contract drafting and to advise on employment law. You will benefit from big company solicitors experience at small firm prices.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 March 2012 23:33 )