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Our reference sites

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Websitecraft is a new comer on the Joomla scene and so we only have this and one other website to show you.  Even so, these examples illustrate a number to points of interest.  Therefore, we have prepared a tour of both these sites with explanations of features you might have missed.  As we have more sites behind us we will add tours of them too.

To read the tour notes and experiment with the site in question at the same time you might like to open the reference site in a different window.  A hyperlink for that is provided in the introduction to each tour for that purpose. If you have a wide screen you could view this tour and the reference site side-by-side.  To do that open another instance of your browser and paste the link to the reference site into the address bar.  Arrange the widows and squash down their widths to fit.  Getting rid of browser side bars such as favourites or history will create more space. Using the F11 toggle will create more vertical space.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the tours we would like to know.  So please send them to Adrian.

If you are considering approaching us to develop a website for you but you are put off by the way a feature works in our examples (or by the lack of a feature), please don't be.  There are alternative way of achieving most things and the only way to find out whether your needs can be met is to investigate. Finally, please do not concern yourself too much with styles, colours etc since those things can almost always be changed.

If you are thinking of employing Websitecraft and you would like a personal reference from one of our clients, please ask us.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 25 March 2012 23:41 )  

Client view

"The website is a vital information hub for our school.  It is very rare for me to encounter a prospective new parent who has not found it and used it.  This new project will help us to keep ahead of the game."

Martin Kearsey, Headteacher, Devonshire Primary School 12 Nov 2012

User view

"Thank you so much for posting updates and pictures from Alfriston. It's been lovely, as a parent, to be able to see my son enjoying himself bearing in mind it's his first time away from home. Thanks "

devonshireprimary.org user 17 June 2010